At CUPID'S PANTRY Catering, we are committed to providing excellent cuisine and nostaligic experience. 


We provide catering services for any occasion.  


We've successfully catered groups from 3 - 8,000 guests.  


Our mission is to make "Eating an Experience".  


And since 2008 we've provided delicious cuisine for many occasions where our food was the highlight of the event. 


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We look forward to creating a memorable experience for you and your guests.  

The type of Catering Service for every experience differs. 

That's why we offer several options to serve you and your guests. 

Selecting your service style is the first step in planning any event. 

Take a look at the serving styles we have to offer. 


Buffets are a self service style of serving food.  



We recommend this style of service for large parties and when guests need to be served quickly.  



Plated Meals are by far the most formal way to serve food.


Food is individually plated and immediately served to guests.


This style of service offers an intimate approch to the experience.  


Guests are seated the entire service experience, so we recommend this style of service for events where guests will have the oppotunity to congregate either before or after the meal.


Hand Passed is a more intimate approach to serving food. 


With this type of service, food is served directly to guests by members of our service staff.  



We recommend this serving style of of service for an experience of any size.  


Hand Passed serving eliminates the need for plates, which could cut costs. 


It also usually allows for more menu items than buffets.  


Most great events need a bartender and great drinks to enhance the experience. 

We offer outstanding bar services with fun and delicious beverage menus.

Our Bar Services include bar set-up, glasses, ice,mixers,menus and more. 

We can tailor beverage menus to match your event theme, taste and budget.

Contact us today for all of your food and bar needs.  


Food Stations are a fun interactive way to serve food.


Food stations offer "small plates" of food to guests served directly by a culinary professional.


Food stations promote guests congregation and constant movement within the room.


Food is often prepared, warmed, sauteed or grilled right before your eyes. It's like having your own personal chef for 5 minutes.


We recommend this style service for an experience of any size. 


Sometimes, you just don't want the caterer to stick around for the event.


No worries, we're not offended at all.


We will gladly prepare the food for your event and drop it off either ready to eat or for you to heat and serve later.


All menu items will come with heating and storing instructions. We will gladly drop off any of our menu items directly to you!



FullSizeRender (4)

Hand Passed Appetizers - Sushi

Mini Stuffed Peppers

1st Course - Plated Dinner Stuffed Mini Sweet Peppers

Cherry Mahagony

Bar Services - Cherry Mahogany


Plated Dinner - Parmesan Cup Kale Caesar

Amuse Bouche

Amuse Bouche - Mini Stuffed Sweet Peppers

Orange Duck Asian Pancakes

Hand Passed - Asian Duck Pancakes

Bar Services

Bar Services

"Good Times"

Bar Services - "The Good Times"

Stuffed Smoked Oyster

Plated Dinner Services - Amuse Bouche

Blackened Mahi 2 - Copy

Hand Passed Blackened Mahi

Hand Passed Blacked Mahi

Hand Passed Blackened Mahi

Braised Short Rib Shooters

Braised Short Rib Shooters

Mini Beef Sliders

Mini Beef Sliders

"The Spa Treatment"

Bar Services - "The Spa Treatment"

Salad Courses

Plated Dinner - Poached Pear Salad

"The Lavender Rain"

Bar Services - "The Lavender Rain"

Chef Tools

Tools of the Trade

Hand Passed Blackened Mahi

Hand Passed Blackened Mahi

Design Services

Design Services


Drop Off Services - Assorted Appetizers and Desserts

"The Passport"

Bar Services - "The Passport"

Hand Passed Appetizers - Mini Philly Cheesesteak Egg Rolls


Plated Dinner Services - Grilled Filet

Wedding (36 of 77)

Hand Passed - Red Wine Braised Short Ribs over Mashed Potatoes


Hand Passed Appetizer - Orange Duck in Asian Pancake

Glasco_20130808_7553 - Copy

Plated Dinner Services - Amuse Bouche


Hand Passed Appetizer Services


Hand Passed Appetizer - Grilled Filet over Garlic Mash

Glasco_20130808_7545 - Copy

Mini Seafood Salad Jars

Glasco_20130808_7521 - Copy

Private Chef Services


Hand Passed Appetizers - Mini Kung Pao Chicken Pots


Private Chef Services

DSC_0190 - Copy

Drop Off Services - Appetizers


Plated Dinner Services

Asian Dumplings

Hand Passed Appetizer - Mini Asian Dumplings


Drop Off Services - Appetizers


Private Chef Services


Private Chef Services

IMG_0560 - Copy

Drop Off Services - Assorted Fruit & Cheese Platter


Plated Dinner Services - Grilled Pork Loin

Glasco_20130801_6776 (2)

Plated Dinner Services - Kale Salad

IMG_0558 - Copy

Drop Off Services - Vegetarian Charcuterie & Cheese Platter


Hand Passed Appetizers - Mini Low Country Boil Pots

The Michael Franks

Bar Services - "The Michael Franks"


Phone:  404-759-4054


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